You will find my thoughts throughout my travels here.  I will be updating as frequently as possible – depending on time and internet access.

I have two personal goals, which I want to accomplish with this blog:

1.) Inform family, friends and colleagues about what is going on, where we are and how we are doing

2.) Improve my English back to the level it was at when I left the States (or better yet, back to the level  prior to entering CSM…)  Engineering and Germany have proven fatal for my written English.  This blog will, hopefully, be a countermeasure.

The blog will be written in three primary styles: personal journal, short story, or opinion/analysis. The choice of which will depend on my mood and current creativity.  The blogs will be, as tradition dictates, in reverse chronological order.

Please enjoy – and please do not be too critical of the grammar and spelling.

- Loyal