Astrid aka Neema

Astrid aka Neema

To travel means to learn to live.
(A Tuareg proverb)


Hej! I am Astrid and I teach at a small Gymnasium (grammar school) near Karlsruhe. As a public servant I enjoy the possibility of a sabbatical – which gives me the freedom to travel for 1 year!

After finishing school, I started to travel and move to foreign countries: I worked for schools in Paris, Strasbourg (France) and in Blumenau (northern Mexico). In Mexico I lived with the Mennonites, a low-german-speaking people who lead an ultra-christian and isolated life (like the Amish).

I studied in Mainz and Freiburg (Germany) and benefited from long semester-breaks to travel throughout Europe, Asia (Thailand,Cambodia, Vietnam and Laos) and North America (USA). But the African continent was, and is, my veritable passion. During the last 12 years, I have flown nearly every year to an African country for at least 6 weeks. I have special memories of my time in a small village in Niger (close to the Nigerian border), where I lived in a clay hut with neither running water nor electricity – an experience that brought me to anti-materialism. Also my trip with German students to Kenya and Tanzania is very memorable.

Other than my hobbies of dancing and theatre, I also enjoy learning languages to facilitate a better understanding with locals of different cultures. Besides English and French (which I studied in school), I also learned Spanish, Swedish, Kiswahili (Eastafrica) and Haussa (Westafrica).

I have had the dream of travelling by Land Rover around Africa for quite some time. After having completed an internship as a mechanic at the Land Rover dealership in Karlsruhe, and with a man by my side whose profession is developing automotive transmissions, I feel well prepared to start our adventure. I am overjoyed to have found a partner who is realizing this dream with me. In the middle of August we are leaving! One year full of adventures is waiting for us…